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35.00 kg / 77.16 lb


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Desk Height : 1.0 M
Material : Steel
Color : Black
Weight : 77.16 lbs
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  • L****D

    2016-08-11 22:13:19
    It was bit of a pain to setup everything but the rest of it was relatively easy to put together.  I found a few typo in the user's manual on what particular screw goes where including which tool to use.  But overall, it seems sturdy enough for any situation which can be for gaming, work, and study.  It will go well with any DXRacer chair as well. And also very fast shipping which I was impressed by that. Thank you!
  • r****8

    2016-06-06 22:56:23
    I love it!
  • s****a

    2015-10-25 19:46:56
    This is the best desk I've ever owned. Love the cable management in the table top and shrouds in the back. Sturdier than I thought it would be, very solid. Some of the bolt holes didn't line up and had to cross thread. I don't plan on taking it apart again anyhow. Some of the plastic shrouds on legs and sides could have been better thought out. Still an amazing product.  
  • O****n

    2015-08-30 14:17:35
    Love the desk. Goes perfectly with the chair and helps tremendously with ergonomics. Keep up the great work!
    Odin Omen 
  • J****y

    2015-08-29 22:43:53
    Box had some damage when it came, Not anything on the inside though. Instructions are somewhat difficult to read. A GIANT pain in the butt to put together. But then  Once its together its great. Some plastic on legs feels cheap but meh. 
  • m****y

    2015-07-26 06:29:26
    Feels really sturdy, and actually looks bigger than what it looks like in the pics.