DXRacer Branding Guidelines

DXRACERJuly 31, 2018

This living document is meant to serve as a general guideline for the use of the DXRacer logo. This will ensure a consistent visual feel and recognition of our brand across all mediums.

If you have a specific question that isn’t covered in this guide, please contact marketing@dxracer.com to verify you are representing DXRacer in an acceptable form.

Mission Statement

DXRacer was established to provide everyone a comfortable and ergonomic seating option.

Primary Logo

The black on the white logo should be used on lighter backgrounds.

Alternate Logo

The other version of the DXRacer Logo is white with a dark background. The white logo should be used on darker backgrounds.

Spacing and Sizes

Grey padding indicates exclusion safe zones. This is so no headlines or words encroach on the logo.

Blue indicates clear space. Unless otherwise noted, the blue area must be kept free of other elements.

The DXRacer logo is scalable and works well in all sizes.

Logo Usage

Our standard DXRacer logo. Outside of a few exceptions, this is the default, go-to, everyone’s happy version. When in doubt, use this.

On dark backgrounds, make sure the logo is in white.

Common logo Mistakes


Nope. Nuh-uh. Don’t do these.

Keep the DXRacer logo consistent through communications and design. Here are ways our logo should NOT appear:


Our colors give our logo and brand personality. Black, red, and white call back to our racing origins.

#000000           C 75
R 0                    M 68
G 0                    Y 67
B 0                    K 90
Pantone 6 C

#e30513           C 4
R 227                M 100
G 5                     Y 100
B 19                   K 1
Pantone 711 C

#ffffff             C 0
R 255             M 0
G 255             Y 0
B 255             K 0
Pantone 663 C

In instances where our two color logo cannot be used (such as a red background), our all white or all black color options can be used instead. Use the greyscale chart below to determine which one-color logo should be used.

All black logo

All white logo

When do I use the primary or alternate logo?

Fonts and Typography

Typography is a key element to communicate a unified personality for DXRacer.

We have selected the Brandon Grotesque family due to its clean, modern look. We use Brandon Grotesque Medium for headings, and Brandon Grotesque Light for paragraphs and body.

Do not apply additional bolding or italics to Brandon Grotesque.

Download DXRacer Logo

Now that you know how to properly use our logo, you can download it in Raster and Vectored formats above!