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DXRacer Formula Black & Red
Regular / L
Black & Red
Strong Mesh & PVC Leather
Selling Price: $329.00
DXRacer Formula Black & Red
Regular / L
Black & Red
Strong Mesh & PVC Leather
Selling Price: $329.00
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Ryan Smith

I absolutely love this chair. The mesh is reflexive, comfortable, and has a ton of breathability. Most importantly, my farts flow freely through the mesh with no friction or obstruction. The back support is amazing, and the headrest is wonderful.

Nathan Hansen

I have been using a DxRacer King series chair for the past seven years, and it has been absolutely phenomenal. Being a therapist and professor, I spend many hours each day sitting down and I was worried about developing back pain or general fatigue. However, this chair has provided me with the perfect support for my body and kept me comfortable even during extended periods of use. The quality of materials utilized in this chair is outstanding; it's clear that they are made with durability in mind. Not only is it incredibly sturdy but despite its long-term usage, there has been no visible deterioration of the chair's quality. This product offers great value for money and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable office chair that will last them for many years to come.

Susan Palmer

I was back and forth between DXRacer and Secret Lab. I'm very big into matching and I wanted a pink chair. Unfortunately, Secret Lab only have a fabric option for pink and that is not something I wanted to risk staining. Secret lab was also $638 after taxes and shipping. DXRacer was $438 with the Valentine's sale. Lastly, after reviewing their warranty and confirming through a few reddit posts it seems DXRacer honors their warranty very well. Someone stated they had a 5 year old chair and their steel back broke and they honored it through their lifetime warranty and gave them a brand new chair. Shipping was fast and a signature is required. Now onto the actual chair Pros: Assembly was fast, quality is great. I didn't realize the cat itself was embroidered into the leather. I assumed it was just printed, but I was wrong. It also has this beautiful white stitching that makes a swirl like pattern that adds a nice touch. The headrest is attached to the actual chair itself - no ugly strap. The armrests move back and forth, side to side, and up and down. The actual base seems like it is steel and not plastic. The wheels glide very nicely. Minor cons: Once again, I'm big into aesthetics. I noticed on the website the zippers were covered in pink leather, but in person they are not so the white zippers are exposed. Not a big deal, but the photo should reflect reality. I wish the chair was a tad bit wider on all sides, but that is because I like to fold my legs onto the chair. And lastly, I wish the chair lowered a little more so my feet could touch the ground. I'm 5"2 and have my feet tippy toes on the ground.Overall, very happy with the chair. I really wanted to get a Secret Lab to prove to my boyfriend (who is loyal to DXRacer) they were better, but DXRacer checked all the boxes off at a lower price, better warranty, and great quality.

Javian T.

The chair is much more lovely in person. It is stunning in appearance, and its durability is also impressive.

Weiler S.

Embroidery and leather on this gaming chair can be customized by contacting customer service. This is excellent and really user-friendly.