Partnership Specialist

Job Description


· Create and maintain partnerships/ sponsorships with:

o Content Creators

o Influencers

o Game Development companies

o Peripheral manufacturers

o eSport Teams

o Tournament and Gaming events

o Celebrities

o Non-gaming individuals

· Create unique activations for events and tournaments

· Maintain and provide upkeep to Sponsorship/ Marketing emails

· Coordinate with Graphic Design Specialist for graphical needs:

o eSport Announcements

· eSport team announcements

· eSport team chair

· Tournament sponsorships

· Vicrories

· Good luck

· General eSport related posts

· Team/ Player Spotlights

o Influencer Announcements

· Coordinate with Social Media Specialist:

o Track influence posts

o Track deliverables of teams and organizations

o Plan activations on the social side

· Coordinate with Event Specialist

o Booth accommodations for events

o Ensure that badges are available for influencers and individuals

o Provide exclusive promotional items to major influencers

· Negotiate contracts and act as point of contact:

o eSport teams

o LAN Centers

o Licenses

o Movies, shows, etc.

· Create an entirely new sponsorship program that will encompass individuals across all platforms.

This will be comprehensive and expensive.

· Develop partner email that spotlights our partners

· Work with team to develop website and sponsorship section

· Pitch potential teams and major influencers to upper management

· Develop content plans to facilitate unique content from influencers

· Create standards for LAN Center acquisition


o Contract

o Deliverables

o Etc.

· Work with talent agency on acquisition of new opportunities within the TV and movie space

· Request photos for marketing product

· Create and coordinate discount codes and promotions around influencers and teams

· Travel to events to represent the DXRacer brand and build further relationships with individuals and companies.