The Esports Championship Series, often abbreviated to ECS, was FACEIT's flagship Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league to replace the old FACEIT League which was discontinued after 2015. Launched in 2016, the league covered the European and North American regions with events scheduled around Valve's Major tournament system and offline finals hosted in various locations around the world. Eventually, the league would run for eight seasons before meeting its defunct as FACEIT shifted their focus towards Flashpoint.


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DXRacer’s Craft chair reviews

"A chair can’t just look nice, though – it has a job to do. After a few weeks of working and gaming from DXRacer’s Craft chair, I’m pleased to say that it’s a comfortable seat that’s a marked upgrade."

Craft Series reviews

"Where the Craft Series truly stands out is in the plethora of looks that the chair is designed in. From the uber-clean style of the Classic Edition to the aggressively patriotic USA Edition, you’re sure to find an option that fits your taste no matter how relaxed or over the top you’d like to go."