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Reviewed in the United States on Dec 06, 2015

If you're looking for a higher end chair for your computer set up, most likely gaming, its likely you'll be looking at the DXRACER chairs.As of my writing of this, DXRACER offers the most inexpensive "gaming" chairs right around 300USD. Its quite a bit of money to drop on a chair, especially one not in your living room.Most of my computer chairs in the past were IKEA, Costco, or Walmart chairs. With a pretty wide range in price, anywhere from 50USD-150USD. So why did I make a big jump to twice the price? None of these chairs lasted me more than about a year. They fell apart. The 'cushions' were usually a small piece of foam it was easy to bottom out. After an hour of sitting on the computer, I was sure to get all sore.If you're here, you're likely thinking, Is the DXRACER worth the money? It has been for me.The two big differences for me with this chair:The main thing about this chair I like is the seat cushion. It's not some fluffy pillow, nor is it paper thin. Its about 6 inches of sturdy cushion that has just the right amount of give and support. It is comfy for hours upon hours of sitting.The second biggest difference maker is the upper body and neck/head support. I'm one that uses both the lumbar pillow and the head pillow (for my neck). I get the sense that most people don't. It took me about a week or two of using this chair to get used to the new sitting position. But now that I am used to it, It has made a big difference in my posture and comfort, even when I am not sitting in this chair.*PLEASE NOTE* When buying a DXRACER or any of the other brands of gaming chairs, pay attention to their height and weight recommendations, as not only is this chair designed to support your weight, but the overall width and height of the chair changes from one series to the next. I am a 5'7" slim guy, and this chair is the perfect size for me. If you're any larger, I would recommend looking at another series. This chair is not exceptionally wide, and the 'racecar' sides will become too constrictive.PROS:Less Expensive than all comparable modelsAvailable on amazon, unlike some of the competitors.Comfy for hours of sitting. My back and bottom don't get sore like my previous chairs.Upper body, neck and head support.Overall construction feels high quality, with a few exceptionsHead Pillow, Lumbar Pillow, and Mousepad all includedCushion is this right amount of supportive/comfy (may not apply to your taste)The back of this chair can go to a 180*Made with high quality Fabric: It feels like a seat right of a car. And the fabric breathes very well. Does not get cold in the winter.NEUTRAL:May need to adjust to sitting up straight and having that head support. Felt weird for me for just over 1 week. But I really love the support now.This chair holds you in place. If you don't like that but want something like it, get a roomier (and more expensive) model.CONS:The base is plastic. Might want to spend some extra on a different DXRACER with a metal base.Its made out of Fabric: Its more difficult to clean. Leather DXRACERs are a bit more pricey.Arm rests are nothing special. (They're not horrible either, but if arm rests matter to you you may want something different)If you're not a small person, you'll need to buy a more expensive model.Overall this chair suits my needs perfectly. I hope it will last me for at least 2-3 years. If I experience any changes in this time, I plan to update my review accordingly.Comparable DXRACERs (Formula Series on Amazon)FE11 (Different color choices then the FD01, some state they have metal base) - DXRacer FE11/NP Black Pink Formula Series Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic with Lumbar SupportLeather/Metal Base - DXRacer FE57/NW Black White Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Ergonomic with Lumbar SupportDx Racer FE57/NB Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Pc Gaming Chair Computer Chair Vinyl Desk Chair (Black/Blue)Dxracer Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Fe08/NP Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair (Black/Pink)*FootnotesNylon Base = Plastic BaseAluminum Base = Metal BaseDXRACER uses PU (Polyurethane) as their "leather". This is pretty standard practice for office chairs. Most people probably don't know the difference. You can read up on the pros and cons of PU. I cannot speak to the quality of DXRACERs PU.

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