Timothy H.


Reviewed in the United States on Jul 07, 2015

I'm 5'10", 170lbs and reasonably fit. I find this chair quite comfortable.Pros:- It was a snap to put together and includes all the tools you'll need.- The chair sits evenly and and makes little to no noise when I move around- Can be reclined 170 degrees and without a running start you couldn't tip this thing over.- Holds you tightly in an upright position and has relieved a good portion of back pain.- Included pillows are quality and ad options to your comfort.- Arm rests can be removed without sacrificing any other functionality for all you guitar players out there.Con:- The included pillows don't attach how the pictures indicate. Specifically the back support has two elastic bands with plastic clips that run up and down the back portion of the chair. It's kind of an eye sore.Thoughts:- Check your BMI and reference the manufacturer website to see what they recommend for you. This chair is designed to hold you in an upright position and it will do exactly that. My BMI is 24.4 if you are much larger than that or have a large bottom end you should consider a different model.

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