Michael S.

CRA/PRH013/W Regular / LEPU LeatheretteThinker

Reviewed in the United States on Sep 26, 2023

I got this chair a month ago, and it remains in impeccable condition. Moreover, during its initial acquisition, it proved to be effortlessly assembled and served as a comfortable substitute for my former chair.

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Jul 21, 2023

Michael P.

I've had this chair for a bit over 3 months now. If I rated it earlier I might have given it 4 stars but I decided to take time to get used to it first and realized it deserves 5 stars. This chair is very sturdy. Even after 3 months I don't feel like the chair has worn down or broken in at all. It's very firm which helps me with my back. It's worth noting I only weigh about 190 Lbs and am 68 inches tall. The DX Racing series probably would have worked for me as well. I chose the king series because the seat is 4 inches longer which makes it easier for me to sit crisscross style. Pros: -Firm -Doesn't wear out fast. I feel like this chair will last my for many years without it becoming uncomfortable -Very sturdy and made with a real metal frame -Comfortable for long term use every day -Most adjustable chair I've ever owned. -I had a small shipping issue. Cons: -Bit of a pain to put the back part of the chair on -Takes a while to get used to since it doesn't break in like most chairs with soft foam (Why I almost gave it 4 starts but instead decided to wait a few months before giving a proper review) - I had to take out over half of the cotton from the head pillow to make it comfortable/usable. I highly recommend others do the same as the chair isn't comfortable without the head pillow in my opinion. It has a zipper so its easy to do. -The back pillow. I don't think anyone actually uses it. I sure don't. If you want to use it you might need to take cotton out like for the head pillow. Overall I love this chair despite the heavy price tag. This chair is like a good pair of shoes. I'm more than happy to spend a bit more on a chair that will last a long time and stay comfortable. Much better than using a cheap $100-$200 chair that needs replaced after a year because it feels like I'm sitting on plywood. My only suggestion for DXRacer is to add an accessory that can be purchased as a slip-on cover for the armrests. I'd like something I could slide on to them made out of the same thick foam as the chair and could be replaced if needed after a year or two. The hard armrests are fine but I still would prefer some foam ones.

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"The Evolution Championship Series, commonly known as Evo, is an annual esports event that focuses exclusively on fighting games. The tournaments are completely."



"The user experience is exceptional as the gaming chair is user-friendly."



"The chair is equipped with adjustable features, allowing me to customize the seat height and armrest positions to my liking."



"The adjustable features allow me to find the perfect position, reducing strain on my body during extended gaming sessions."



"I have tried a lot of similar products and DXRacer gaming chair is the best!"



"Its ergonomic features provide excellent support for long gaming sessions, ensuring that I can maintain proper posture without feeling any discomfort."



"The high-quality materials used in its construction not only make it durable but also give it a luxurious look and feel."



"DXRacer gaming chair is exactly what I've been looking for."

———Royal Ravens

Royal Ravens

"The overall user experience has been fantastic, and I feel like I can game for hours without any discomfort or fatigue."

———FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan

"The DXRacer gaming chair is a truly remarkable product that has greatly enhanced my gaming experience."

———Red Canids Brazil

Red Canids Brazil

"The chair is ergonomically designed to provide optimal back and lumbar support, which has greatly reduced the strain on my lower back."



"The high-quality material used in the chair adds to its durability and makes it feel premium. "



"The chair is ergonomically designed to promote proper posture, which is essential for preventing back and neck pain. "

———Elite 8

Elite 8

"The DXRacer gaming chair has exceeded my expectations in terms of its functionality and reliability. "

———Unreal Engine

Natus Vincere

"The dxrace gaming chair has truly revolutionized my gaming experience."



"I am extremely pleased with its performance. The product is sleek and visually appealing, making it a great addition to any space."


EVO Edition is the most comfortable gaming chair with impeccable build quality. Evolution Championship Series (Evo)

"DXRacer gaming chair exceeds my expectations. Not only does it deliver unparalleled comfort, but levels up our game in style."



"The design is sleek and stylish, adding a touch of sophistication to my gaming setup."

———paiN Gaming

paiN Gaming

"The sturdy construction of the chair ensures durability and stability while providing excellent support for my back and neck."

———Team Envy

Team Envy

"The ergonomics are outstanding, with adjustable armrests and a built-in lumbar support, quite content."


"Got the best chair in the game thanks to DXRacer" ——— Ethos NRG

"As someone who spends hours gaming each day, having a chair that allows me to sit comfortably for extended periods of time is crucial."



"Whether I want to recline back and relax or sit up straight for intense gaming sessions, this chair has me covered."



"I highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for a great gaming experience."



"The adjustable lumbar cushion helps to maintain proper posture and alleviate any discomfort that may arise from long hours of sitting."

———Vici Gaming

Vici Gaming

"DXRacer has definitely exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable and comfortable chair."


"The reputation of 'The King of Gaming Chairs' is well deserved. DXRacer chair delivers world-class comfort and professional performance." Bali Major

"The most comfortable chair. The best gaming chair brand."



"I can sit in it for hours and it still feels like I'm sitting on a cloud."



"I have been gaming for hours and my back has never felt better."



"I particularly appreciate the adjustable features of the chair, allowing me to find the perfect position and angle for optimal gaming performance."



"It's one of the best brand on the market and we can tell it's built to last."



"It is incredibly comfortable and the ergonomic design ensures that I can game for hours without any discomfort."

———SKT T1


"The comfort and support that this chair provides is unparalleled."



"The chair is also incredibly versatile, allowing me to adjust the height and angle to suit my preferences."



"The chair is expertly designed with a focus on comfort and functionality."



"The DXRacer gaming chair exceeded our expectations in every way."

———OpTic Gaming

OpTic Gaming

"Its ergonomic design provides unmatched comfort and support, allowing me to focus on my gameplay without any distractions."


StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2

"DXRacer gaming chair has made a huge difference!"



"The ergonomic design ensures that I can sit for hours without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue."


Treatz: “To play at the highest level, having the very best gaming chair to support you is a necessity. DXRacer checks this box for me." Tactical: "Being comfortable while gaming is a critical factor for maximizing performance, and that's why I love my DXRacer." Joey: "DXRacer chairs deliver comfort and posture that helps me compete at my best." Immortals

"The DXRacer Chair, a professional-grade gaming chair, allows me to maintain an optimal posture for peak performance."



"The chair is extremely durable and comfortable, and I can game for hours without feeling any discomfort."

———Unreal Engine


"The quality of craftsmanship is top-notch, and the design adds a touch of style to our workspace."



"It offers a wide range of features that are both practical and innovative."



"It is a wonderful chair that is incredibly comfortable."



"It is large, sturdy and incredibly comfortable."



"Not only does the DXRacer gaming chair offer exceptional comfort, but it also provides excellent support."



"The heavy packaging reflects the high-quality materials used in the construction of this chair, giving it a robust and durable feel."



"The adjustable features, such as the armrests, backrest, and height, allow me to customize the chair to fit my specific needs, providing optimal support for my posture."

———Mouse Sports

Mouse Sports

"As a member of an esports team, finding the perfect chair for those long gaming sessions is crucial."



"I would highly recommend it to everyone who seeks both comfort and style in their gaming setup."



"It is an excellent high-end gaming chair that is both comfortable and supportive."

———Virtus Pro

Virtus Pro

"As the first gaming chair brand, dxrace has clearly set the bar high for its competitors."



"The DXRacer gaming chair is an exceptional product that I highly recommend to everyone.



"As an avid gamer, I have tried numerous chairs, but none come close to the comfort and support provided by the DXRacer gaming chair. "

———Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy

"Its sleek design and comfortable build make it perfect for long hours of gaming."



"It is the perfect addition to my gaming setup and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality gaming chair."



"We can't understand how we've been living without DXRacer gaming chair."



"Not only does the DXRacer gaming chair provide exceptional comfort, but it also offers the much-needed support that my back has been yearning for."



"I highly recommend the dxrace gaming chair to gamers and non-gamers alike who value comfort, support, and style in their sitting experience."



"I highly recommend the dxrace gaming chair to everyone, whether you're a casual gamer or a professional."

———Obey Alliance

Obey Alliance
"Take my sitting experience to the highest level and help me dominate in the gaming world." SF Shock

"The padding is incredibly soft and plush, allowing me to sit for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort or strain on my body."


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