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Reviewed in the United States on Feb 09, 2023

After a week of use, my husband and I came to give our views. This chair is highly suggested by both of us. It's comfy and supportive.

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Jul 21, 2023

Michael P.

I've had this chair for a bit over 3 months now. If I rated it earlier I might have given it 4 stars but I decided to take time to get used to it first and realized it deserves 5 stars. This chair is very sturdy. Even after 3 months I don't feel like the chair has worn down or broken in at all. It's very firm which helps me with my back. It's worth noting I only weigh about 190 Lbs and am 68 inches tall. The DX Racing series probably would have worked for me as well. I chose the king series because the seat is 4 inches longer which makes it easier for me to sit crisscross style. Pros: -Firm -Doesn't wear out fast. I feel like this chair will last my for many years without it becoming uncomfortable -Very sturdy and made with a real metal frame -Comfortable for long term use every day -Most adjustable chair I've ever owned. -I had a small shipping issue. Cons: -Bit of a pain to put the back part of the chair on -Takes a while to get used to since it doesn't break in like most chairs with soft foam (Why I almost gave it 4 starts but instead decided to wait a few months before giving a proper review) - I had to take out over half of the cotton from the head pillow to make it comfortable/usable. I highly recommend others do the same as the chair isn't comfortable without the head pillow in my opinion. It has a zipper so its easy to do. -The back pillow. I don't think anyone actually uses it. I sure don't. If you want to use it you might need to take cotton out like for the head pillow. Overall I love this chair despite the heavy price tag. This chair is like a good pair of shoes. I'm more than happy to spend a bit more on a chair that will last a long time and stay comfortable. Much better than using a cheap $100-$200 chair that needs replaced after a year because it feels like I'm sitting on plywood. My only suggestion for DXRacer is to add an accessory that can be purchased as a slip-on cover for the armrests. I'd like something I could slide on to them made out of the same thick foam as the chair and could be replaced if needed after a year or two. The hard armrests are fine but I still would prefer some foam ones.

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