DXRacer and Guild Wars 2 Partner Up

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – July 27, 2021. Guild Wars 2.

DXRacer is incredibility proud to announce we have formed a partnership with Guild Wars 2 ! The top gaming chair is teaming up with the top MMO in the world! We are honored to be working with all the great people on the Guild Wars 2 team. We have a lot of fun things in store!

For those who don't know. Guild Wars 2 is the top massively multiplayer online role-playing game available today. Guild Wars 2 is set in the fantasy world of Tyria . It's a dark time for Tyria as the five sleeping Elder Dragons have awoken to cause chaos. Political foes and others rivals are also threatening the continent.

It is an exciting time to be one of the millions of Guild Wars 2 players. The most recent expansion Path of Fire was a thrilling experience . The next chapter is soon to come as well with the announcement of the End of Dragons expansion !

To celebrate DXRacer and Guild Wars 2 locking arms in battle , we're kicking it off in a massive way!

First, we are doing a bundle never before done in gaming chair history. For a limited time if you purchase a DXRacer G Series, then you get a free copy of the last Guild Wars 2 expansion, Path of Fire! Full information on the limited bundle can be found here . This gives you a chance to catch up before the release of End of Dragon as well as to game comfortably.

Second is your chance to win some goodies from DXRacer . Enter for your chance to win a DXRacer Racing Series Proand Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Expansion . The giveaway is open to both North America and Europe . Make sure to follow the 3 the simple rules and enter via this tweet!

This is only the beginning so keep your eyes peeled on our social feeds! Media Enquiries – Marketing@DXRacer.com .