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Reviewed in the United States on Nov 01, 2017

I recently bought this chair, just assembled it today.First thoughts on it: WHERE ARE THE BOTLS?! Turns out, they are secured in the pieces so you don't lose them when opening the several bags of stuff in the box. I actually quite liked this about it, but that was the one con as well (See below). It is seriously the most comfortable chair I have sat in. It encourages good posture, which I definitely needed.Pros:- surprisingly easy to roll on carpet.- very comfortable- the lower back and neck pillows (not sure what people are calling them) are very easy to secure to the chairCons:- Where as it was really nice to have the bolts pre-secured in the chair parts, when removing the bolts you need to pay attention to where the washer and lock washer are. When I was taking the bolts out of the upper portion of the chair, I lost both the washer and the lock washer inside the chair (fell inbetween the fabric and the chair.- only comes with ONE SET for the bolt / washer / lock washer. I am very glad it came with an extra set, just wish there was maybe two or three sets? I was a little worried after I used the extra on the second bolt (there are 8 total).Other: I am not sure if you would count this as a "con" because it doesn't affect the use of the chair in anyway; but the plastic plates that are used to cover the bolts that secure the top and bottom portions of the chair could have been done a little bit better. First, they are side specific and have no labeling. Second, there is a little gap between the upper-back portion of the plastic plate and the chair (I will upload a picture when i get the chance). This gap is very small and people looking at the chair are more than likely not even going to notice. I put it together so I know about it and it is just a little annoying.Overall:This chair is amazing and I hope my experience with the unboxing and putting it together can help someone make the decision on buying the chair. I was nervous about spending nearly 300 dollars on it but it is well worth the money.

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