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Reviewed in the United States on Nov 27, 2022

I spend hours in front of it. I have two gaming chairs from DXRacer: one for home and one for work.

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Jul 22, 2023

Chair was easy to assemble, delivery was quick, total of 3 days. Now, I had a severe back injury a couple of years ago, crushed vertebra, severe nerve damage etc. pretty much leaving me a painful mess. For the first time in those years I have been able to sit pain free. The quality and comfort of this chair rivals my $800 dollar Lay-z-boy. Now, after putting the chair together I realized it had a slight flaw on the backrest, a small piece of material was cut just a hair short and did not reach where it needed to be to be stitched leaving a 1/2" long by 1/4" opening. I sent an e-mail to DXRACER, within moments they replied, I sent a photo of flaw, next e-mail had a copy of the order info for a replacement back rest, a few hours later I received the tracking number. Other sellers should take note, this was customer service at its finest, it was professional, friendly and 100% pain free. I plan on most likely buying the matching footrest for the chair and I know without doubt I will be purchasing from Newedge again. Just on a side note, if you plan on buying a DX RACER chair, you will not be disappointed but keep in mind to check the info on the chair you want to buy, they have max height and weight for each series they make meaning if you are like me 6'2" and 230 pounds, you are not going to fit to well in the regular dxracer chair, so check the restrictions info on the chair that best suits you and pick the one that matches your build and you will be 100% satisfied. Some may think the price is a bit to high, but if you have back problems and such as I do, well then it is well worth the price! I would give 10 stars across the board for the chair, the company and the outstanding customer service - Thanks for the help Suzie

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