DXRacer 2021 K Series - Upgraded for Bigger Comfort

A comfortable seat makes a huge difference when you're playing video games all day at your desk. If you're in the market for a quality and heavy-duty gaming chair that can accommodate your large size, the DXRacer 2021 K Series is definitely the one for your gaming setup. Upgraded for bigger comfort, it offers support for people up to 6ft5in and 250lbs.

Made 15% larger. The 2021 K Series features a taller backrest and wider seat base when compared to other standard gaming chairs of DXRacer. The backrest and seat base are both made 15% larger than before to better accommodate your weight and height. Besides, the chair is backed up by high-density mold shaping foam to provide enough cushioning and support. 90-135 degree recline and full-metal 4D arms are also offered to enhance your sitting experience.

Strong aluminum base. Complete with a reinforced, extra-strong metal base that can withstand up to 250lb of dynamic load and smooth-rolling casters which don’t leave scuff marks on the floor, this larger gaming chair is made to be sturdy and strong, lasting for years to come.

The advanced modular design. Similar to DXRacer Master Chair and G Series that have been released before, the 2021 K Series boasts the patent-pending modular design that allows gamers to replace the seat cushion freely or to add some convenient accessories such as cup holder, footrest, or bracket set for mobile phones/tablets/laptops on the chair, which makes 2021 K Series an ideal seat for both work and play and also very well-suited to being rolled out in front of the TV too.

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