From the Future, Change the Present

The futuristic design, stunning appearance and comfy seating all come together in the computer cockpit to provide an extraordinary experience while working or playing games. The computer cockpit resembles an all-in-one gaming hub; it is shaped like a massive throne and can meet all of your working and gaming demands.

Ingrem gaming computer cockpit is a work of art, with a variety of colors to pick from. The key component here is the DXRacer zero gravity gaming chair, which is designed to suspend your body in a natural position by elevating feet until it’s parallel to your heart to experience true weightlessness. The gravity of the body is dispersed uniformly throughout the workstation when the zero gravity mode is active. It appears to be gently lifted by clouds. To satisfy the immersion experience, the zero gravity position does not strain your neck or back. You can do whatever you desire with the same posture, whether reading a book, taking a nap, or doing anything else. When you are in a state that combines mass and weightlessness, the pressure on the cervical and lumbar vertebrae is relieved, allowing you to maximize your performance throughout the day.

Zero computer cockpit is designed for programmers, designers, financial engineers, and other long-term chair users such as Internet anchors, e-sports players as well as game players. It was originally designed to be utilized for both "sitting" and "laying" purposes. While you are working, gaming, browsing the Internet, watching movies, relaxing, or even sleeping at your workstation, you can adjust your leg and back support, the monitor angle as well as the level of zero-gravity recline for ultimate ease. You can see all three monitors well, thanks to the leg rest while lying down. You were able to enjoy a tremendously expansive view and immersive experience due to the three monitors facing you. It's difficult to recreate the feeling of lying down while still being able to have a clear view of all monitors comfortably at home.