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Reviewed in the United States on Feb 24, 2016

Wow, new car smell in an office chair? Seriously, this chair is comfortable, so much so that I wanted to write this review today, the same day I got it and put it together. If my opinion changes after using it for awhile, I'll update accordingly, but right now it's awesome! Putting it together was easy, and the whole thing feels heavy and sturdy, yet it rolls around on my carpet surprisingly well. I would imagine on a hard surface it would feel like skating on ice. The lumbar pillow is just the right size for me, but I had to use "method one" in the instructions for the neck pillow. I'm 6'-4 250lbs, and I'm expecting the gas cylinder to not tolerate my weight all day based on what I've read, but for the last hour it's doing fine. The reclining feature was unexpected for me, not sure how I missed it, but you can lay nearly horizontal and not feel like you're going to tip over. The arm rests not only adjust up and down, but they slide in and out, getting my arms and hands closer to the desk, which for my situation makes it easier to type and navigate my work for long continuous periods. So far, 5 stars, no question.Update 6/1/16 - Just wanted to say that after 4 1/2 months of almost daily use, this chair still rocks ... pun intended ;) One thing I should mention is that new car smell - it took the better part of two months to dissipate, and in the first couple weeks it became downright annoying, to the point that I turned the ceiling fan on just so I wouldn't have to smell it. Not enough to keep me from buying this chair again, but definitely worth noting.Update 1/23/2019:Still very happy with this chair, but today I noticed the gas shock is sinking slowly over the course of the day. Took 2 1/2 years, but it's finally wearing out. I have since bought another DX Racer chair for my 2nd office, so neither chair gets 40 hour weeks, but you really can't beat the comfort of these things, even if I have to stand up 4 or 5 times a day to raise this one back up. As for the new car smell, the second one I bought wasn't nearly as bad as the first, only lasted a couple days and from the beginning wasn't as strong either.

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