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Reviewed in the United States on Sep 22, 2016

I owned a chair for many years and thought it was fine. I did not realize how great a chair could be until doing some extensive research and finally deciding on this model. This chair fits wonderfully and has padding in all the right places. It is extremely comfortable and adjustable. There is a handle on the side very similar to what you would find in an automobile seat that allows you to set the recline level wherever you like. I like to keep my chairs locked in position so that typically keeps me sitting more straight up than I would like. The variable recline option allows me to set the perfect angle for whatever activity I am engaged in and lock the chair so I have firm support in a comfortable position. The lumbar support and headrest pillow are also amazing. If you sit back in this chair it hits all the right pressure points on me 5'11" 195LBS and the only negative is it is easy to fall asleep in (not really a negative). In my old chair if I ever fell asleep I would wake up with lots of pain and cricks in my joints. I have many back problems including compression fractures. If I fall asleep in this chair even when not reclined I wake up just fine. I work from my computer so I am often in this chair at least 8 hours a day and have noticed a marked drop in fatigue and muscle aches. The packaging was great and it was very simple to put together. Every major structure is already screwed in so you are just attaching the base plate underneath the chair and the pillows as well as snapping on the wheels and placing telescoping piston. I did drop the washers into the chair a couple times but that was my own fault. Everything about this chair is top quality and the screws are very heavy duty. I think with minimal care this chair will last for years. I used $1000 mesh chairs in the office for years and believe this chair is a steal at the $289 price point. It is the best chair for that amount of money I could find and is designed and built superbly. If you have the means it is well worth the money.

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