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Reviewed in the United States on May 23, 2015

I love this chair so far! I'm an engineering student and a gamer; consequently, I spend a tremendous number of hours a day in front of a computer. Needless to say I was wearing out every cheap chair I would buy in a short period of time. I am 5'11 and around 150 lbs for reference. Now for the brief review.Construction:I was packaged very well and the instructions were simple, clear and concise. I am not a very handy person, at least with furniture, but I was able to put it together in roughly 18-20 mins. It comes with the tool necessary and it just involves unscrewing existing screws and snapping things on.Comfort:The chair is firm and very supportive and the construction is high quality in comparison to my previous office depot ones. The lumbar and neck cushions really force you sit correctly, which I assume is the point after all. Not really much to say, because comfort is subjective especially when it comes to body type. Just make sure you buy the chair meant for your height and weight, because this one really really caps out my height of 5'11. My shoulders are narrow and fit perfectly in the curved back.Delivery:Shipping - I know is not really related to the product itself. but it was exceptionally fast. It arrived in 3 days from the order date and I even ordered it pretty late that first day (shipped next morning).Conclusion:I'll revisit this in a few weeks before I make any claims, but I'm sitting in the chair writing this review and I'm very satisfied with my purchase, especially as a reluctant member of the bony butt club.

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