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Reviewed in the United States on Mar 15, 2017

I was looking for a new computer chair and I wasn't sold on the DXracer, yeah it looks cool but is it comfortable on my back and my bum? I did some research and they really are like the 3rd best ergo chair on the market without paying $600-$1000+ for a computer chair. The price is right for the quality of the chair. It was easy to assemble, took about 30 mins; it does help having two people but I was able to solo the task (I had watched a vid on YT first so I kind of knew what to expect as far as the assembly goes). The final step of placing the chair onto the base was difficult because the chair was a bit heavy and I couldn't see where the hole was underneath to fit onto the base. I solved this problem by laying the chair down on it's back on my couch and just inserting the base from the side before standing it upright on the floor.It arrived way earlier than expected and the quality of this chair is great. The lumbar pillow and headrest pillow are a nice added bonus. The lumbar pillow is adjustable which is great that you can place it where you need it. It's a quality chair, I spend a lot of time on the computer and this chair is comfortable enough to sit in for many hours working on long projects.

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Ethos: "Got the best chair in the game thanks to DXRacer." NRG
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EVO Edition is the most comfortable gaming chair with impeccable build quality. Evolution Championship Series (Evo)
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Treatz: “To play at the highest level, having the very best gaming chair to support you is a necessity. DXRacer checks this box for me." Tactical: "Being comfortable while gaming is a critical factor for maximizing performance, and that's why I love my DXRacer." Joey: "DXRacer chairs deliver comfort and posture that helps me compete at my best." Immortals
"Take my sitting experience to the highest level and help me dominate in the gaming world." SF Shock
"DXRacer gaming chair exceeds my expectations. Not only does it deliver unparalleled comfort, but levels up my game in style. Aster
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