DXRacer Teams Up With AthletesVS to Fight Mental Health Stigma

Ben KrzywickiJuly 22, 2021

Whitmore Lake, Michigan – June 22, 2021. Athletes VS.

DXRacer  is a proud sponsor of Athletes VS. AthletesVS  is a virtual esports tournament where fans have a chance to play with professional athletes by fundraising for The Canadian Centre for Mental Health & Sport's Adopt-An-Athlete fund.

The event will kick off today with the Livestream starting at 7:00 PM EST .  Eight teams made up of three  fans, and one professional athlete will face off in Call of Duty Warzone. The team with the most points, at the end, is your grand prize winner! Full rules and information can be found  here

The event will  feature Canadian athletes  from  across  the sporting world. Dropping the gloves include  NHL stars Matt Luff, Jake Walman, and Robert Thomas. From the Gridiron, former NFL running back Rashaad Jennings and CFL stars Alden Darby,  and  Jaelon Acklin are in.  Many more as well be turning up! 

Also, there will be plenty of  prizes  for  those  who donate! This includes the winning team receiving their own  DXRacer  chairs ! 

DXRacer  is proud to help support  athletes and be more involved in the battle against mental illness .  DXRacer  wants to help end the stigma around  mental  health and help those in need to help find  accessible  resources.  We are honored to work with  AthletesVS  to support the Canadian Centre for Mental health & Sport's Adopt-An-Athlete fund. 

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